1. How does AV Cash work?

    Available now! To download in Apple App store and Google play store, the AV Cash mobile App lets the consumers to physically activate their prepaid Mastercard card, check their account balance and make financial transactions, which we think is a very competitive and useful characteristic

  2. What services does AV Cash provide?

    It allows for Hispanic and Latin community in The United States to be able to recharge their prepaid Mastercard card to later share with their relatives in their country of origin, send cash remittances without great requirements, recharge the App, divide the remittances controlling the cash flow and direct deposits to bank accounts in the destination country.

  3. Where can I find AV Cash?

    It is available to download in all the app stores and web https://avcash.us/ you can make the payments with a debit or credit card through the app and in cash through more than 150 thousand America Voice authorized retailers.

  4. How do I sign up to the AV Cash program?

    By giving us 3 simple requirements through our customer service agents or web page, you start the verification process for prequalification, you will receive by mail your AV Cash program welcome package, which will include your new AV Cash debit card, welcome letter and important information to take advantage of the benefits of the program, download the AV Cash app available in Playstore and App store, follow the steps indicated in the welcome letter or you can call our call center to activate your debit card and we can guide you in the use of the mobile app.

  5. What benefits do I get with AV Cash?

    Maximum security and speed in transactions, the international backup support of Metabank in all of our transactions, always having the control of your money and accounts, make transactions from anywhere, having support whenever you need it, avoiding annoying long lines at the bank and long processes.

  6. What options does AV Cash offer?

    Sending of national and international remittances, sending of electronic recharges to other countries, America Voice payment services and coming soon billing payments.

  7. Why trust AV Cash?

    AV Cash is promoted in the United States and Canada by Secure IP, a solid company with more than a decade in the technology area, what gives the confidence and support that this brand needs to grow in the Hispanic and Latin market.

  8. Where can I send transactions with AV Cash?

    Initially, it works to send transactions from the United States and Canada to anywhere in the world, soon you will be able to send transactions in Mexico and Guatemala.

  9. What security methods does AV Cash offer?

    AV Cash complies with all the stipulated standards for non-bank financial products stipulated under FDIC